NBP18 Acer / Asus / Compaq / IBM/ / HP / Liteon / Fujitsu / Toshiba 19V 4.74A 90W ( plug 1.7/5.5mm)

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Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: DC19V 4.74A
Power: 90W
DC Connector size:
Internal Diameter: 1.7mm
External Diameter: 5.5mm
No Power Cord Included

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Compatible with the following Series of Laptops:

Compatible Part Number Liteon PA-1900-05, ASUS ADP-65DB, AVERATEC LSE9802B2060, PA-1600-05, PA-1750-01, HP/COMPAQ CQPS1200, AC-C10, ADP-75FB, F1377A, F4814A, F1781A, F1454A, 309241-001, 308745-001, 310925-001, 298239-001, 222113-001, 198713-001, 180676-001, 177626-001, 247051-001, 247050-001, 246437-002, 246437-001,1 96345-B22, Dell PA-1600-06D1, F9710, FUJITSU FMV-AC315S, FPCAC34AP, FPCAC34, FPCAC33AP, FPCAC33, FPCAC26AP, FPCAC26, FPCAC25, CA01007-0960, CA01007-0930, CA01007-0920, CA01007-0890, GATEWAY SA80T-3115, 6500097, 6500723, 6500714, IBM 11J8627, 02K6900, NEC OP-520-75601, TOSHIBA PA3165U-1ACA, PA3097U-1ACA, PA3032U-1ACA, VIEWSONIC VSACC24666, TPC-PCA-002, SDH-ADPT-001, PA-1500-01, 91.47T28.001, VPR MATRIX VPRN-AC100, WINBOOK ADP-60DB,AP.A1003.001

Fit Laptop Model

HP Compaq Business Notebook PC nx9000 DF981A, DF982A, DF984A, DF985A, DF986A, DF987A, HP Compaq Business Notebook PC nx9005 DF988A, DF989A, DF990A, DF992A, DF993A, DF994A, Compaq Business Notebook PCnx9000 DF983A

Compaq Business Notebook PC n1050v DC749A,DC750A,DC751A, DJ105S, DJ106S, HP Pavilion N3100, Pavilion N3150, Pavilion N3250, Pavilion (N3290/5), Pavilion N3310, Pavilion , COMPAQ Armada 2924, Evo N105, Evo N115, Evo N160, Evo N180

series, Presario 2700, Presario 2700 series, Presario 2700T, Presario 700, Presario 700series, DELL lnapiron 3000, lnapiron 3200, lnapiron 3500series, lnapiron 7000series IBM Thinkpad I1400, Thinkpad i1500 series, TOSHIBA Satellite 1600, Satellite 1600series, Satellite 1700series, Satellite 1715XCDS series, Satellite 1900, Satellite 1905, Satellite 1905-S301, Satellite 1955-S801, Satellite 3000 series, Satellite Series

ACER AcerNote 367 ACER AcerNote 390series, ACER Extensa 360series, ACER Extensa 390series, ACER Extensa 900, ACER Extensa ESS3-391T, AMS TECH Rodeo 1000series, TECH Rodeo 1010series, TECH Rodeo 7000 AMS, TECH Rodeo 7030 AMS, TECH Rodeo 7620 AMS, TECH Rodeo 7630 AMS, TECH Rodeo 7640XL AMS, TECH Travelpro 180 AMS, TECH Travelpro 1900, FUJITSU Lifebook C series, NEC Versa 2500series, Versa 500, Versa 5000, Versa 5060series, Versa 5080series, Versa 550D, VersaNote series,

NEC Ready 440T, Versa 2400series Sager 6200series, 7200, 8549 D20, 86, 862, 87, 8700, 98, NB8600, NB8700, NP8100, NP8300series, NP8500series, NP8600series, NP8700, Pentium 86, SHARP PC 3010, PC 3020, PC 3050, PC 3060, PC 3150, Twingead P88, P88TE, SlimNote 910CV, SlimNote 9133series, SlimNote 9150TZ, SlimNote 9166TZ, SlimNote VX, imNote VXE, SlimNote VXE3, Micron TransPort Trek2 233, TransPort Trek2 266, TransPort Trek2 300 DVD, Gateway 400SD4, 400VTX, 450RGH, 450ROG, 450SX4, 600YG2, 600YGR

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