NBP07 HP / Compaq 18.5V 3.5A 65W ( plug 5.0/7.4mm )

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Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)

Output: DC18.5V 3.5A

Power: 65W

DC Connector size:

Internal Diameter: 5.0mm

External Diameter: 7.4mm

Without Power Cable

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Compatible with the following Series of Laptops:

N600 N600c N610c N620c N800 N800 series N800v N800w N1000c N1000v NC4000 NC6000 NC8000 NW8000

Compaq Presario :

300 305 900 900 Series 905 905US 910 910US 912 912rsh 918 918rsh 920 920US 2200XX series 2204US 2800 2800 series 2800CA 2800T 2800US 2811CL M2000 V1000 Series PC V2000 V2030US V2010US V2100 V4000 X1000 X1000 series X1010US X1015 X1015US X1018CL X1020US X1030 X1030US X1031AP X132AP X1033AP X1034AP X1035AP X1036AP X1037AP X1039AP X1040 X1040US X1041AP X1058CL X1360US X1460US 170 SMB 190SMB

Compaq Tablet PC : TC1000 TC1100

HP Compaq Business Notebook : NC4000 NC4010 NC4200 NC6000 NC6100 Series NC6105 NC6110 NC6115 NC6120 NC6200 Series NC6200 CTO NC6220 NC6230 NC8000

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