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iPhone Repairs



iPhone Repairs

We repair all Models of iPhones, from the iPhone 3G to the 6S. Damage can be caused by various reasons such as water damage, speaker malfunction, network concern, screen damage, malfunctioning buttons, touch screen replacement of smart phones, software corruption and data recovery, etc. Select your iphone issue below to view the price list, if your problem or model is not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or free quotation.

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Select which issue your iPhone is having:

Screen Broke Not Charging Headphones No Sound Power Button  
Front Camera Loud Speaker Vibration Repair Not Charging Water Damage  
Home Button Microphone Volume Camera Case Damage  

Battery Problems


iPhone Screen Replacements


iPhone Repairs


Damaged your iPhone screen?

For any cracked screen or non responding touch screen the entire screen will need to be replaced. On all iPhones since the iPhone 4, the digitizer [touch screen] and the LCD screen are one single component, which we can change for a brand new one. The entire process is performed by one of our technicians and normally takes an hour to repair.

iPhone 4/4S Screen Replacement          €50
iPhone 5 Screen Replacement                €69
iPhone 5S Screen Replacement             €69
iPhone 5C Screen Replacement             €69
iPhone 6 Screen Replacement                €120
iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement       €179
iPhone 6S Screen Replacement              €195
iPhone 6S Plus Screen Replacement     €299




iPhone Not Charging


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Not Charging

Is your iPhone not powering on or not charging? A common reasons for this problem is a damaged data port. This is the name for the port that you plug your charger into on an iPhone. On some models, such as the iPhone 4/4s, the data port and microphone are part of the same flex cable, so if your data port or microphone is causing a problem, this component needs to be changed. Oxidation of the port, or improper use of the charger as the reason for this problem to occur. If this is the part that is causing the problem, then we can have that replaced and repaired, and back in perfect working order within 2 hours.

iPhone 4/4S Data Port Repair                   €37
iPhone 5 Data Port Repair                         €47
iPhone 5S Screen Replacement              €47
iPhone 5C Plus Screen Replacement     €47
iPhone 6 Data Port Repair                       €57
iPhone 6 Data Port Repair                       €57
iPhone 6S Data Port Repair                     €67
iPhone 6S Plus Data Port Repair            €67





Head Phones Not Working


iPhone Repairs


Headphones Not Working

Headphones not working? On certain models of iPhone, the headphone jack is a component which comprises of the jack itself, on the top left of the phone, the silent/loud switch on the left side, and the up and down volume keys underneath this. On newer models, it is part of the data port (above). It is very common for the jack to cease functioning, but for the other buttons to remain fine. This part is replaced in our lab, and usually takes 2 hours. Usually, the issues that arise with this are because of oxidation of the jack, or something getting trapped inside, or a malfunction of the part itself.

iPhone 4/4S Headphone Jack Repair          €37
iPhone 5 Headphone Jack Repair               €47
iPhone 5S Headphone Jack Repair            €47
iPhone 5C Headphone Jack Repair            €47
iPhone 6 Headphone Jack Repair          €57
iPhone 6 Headphone Jack Repair          €57
iPhone 6S Headphone Jack Repair       67
iPhone 6S Headphone Jack Repair       €67





No Sound On Calls


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Earpiece Repair

Can't hear people when you're on the phone? The earpiece is a small speaker above the screen, and is separate to the speaker used on loudspeaker. This part normally takes one of our engineers two hours to replace.

iPhone 4/4S Earpiece Repair           €33
iPhone 5 Earpiece Repair                 €37
iPhone 5S Earpiece Repair              €37
iPhone 5C Earpiece Repair              €37
iPhone 6 Earpiece Repair                 €52
iPhone 6 Plus Earpiece Repair       €52
iPhone 6S Earpiece Repair              €62
iPhone 6S Plus Earpiece Repair     €62




Damaged Power Button


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Power Button Repair

Power button not working anymore and you can't lock your phone? The power flex refers to the power button on the top of the phone, and is a very common malfunction with all models of iPhone, normally resulting in the button becoming stuck. This repair takes about two hours to perform by one of our technicians.

iPhone 4/4S Power Button Repair          €37
iPhone 5 Power Button Repair                €47
iPhone 5S Power Button Repair            €47
iPhone 5C Power Button Repair            €47
iPhone 6 Power Button Repair              €52
iPhone 6 Plus Power Button Repair      €52
iPhone 6S Power Button Repair             €62
iPhone 6S Plus Power Button Repair    €62




Camera Issues


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Camera Repair

If you have an iPhone with a broken camera, causing the camera display to not appear properly, and sometimes cause the camera application to crash, one of our engineers can replace the iPhone rear camera in a couple of hours, with a full 6 month warranty.

iPhone 4/4S Camera Repair        €52
iPhone 5 Camera Repair               €87
iPhone 5S Camera Repair           €87
iPhone 5C Camera Repair           €87
iPhone 6 Camera Repair              €133
iPhone 6 Plus Camera Repair      €183
iPhone 6S Camera Repair            €182
iPhone 6S Plus Camera Repair    €221




Front Camera Issues


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Front Camera Repair

If you have a dropped iPhone, or if you just have an iPhone with a damaged front camera, one of our technicians can have your camera working in a couple of hours, with a front camera replacement, and a full 6 month warranty.

iPhone 4/4S Front Camera Repair          €37
iPhone 5 Front Camera Repair                 €42
iPhone 5S Front Camera Repair             €42
iPhone 5C Front Camera Repair            €42
iPhone 6 Front Camera Repair                €52
iPhone 6 Plus Front Camera Repair      €52
iPhone 6S Front Camera Repair             €67
iPhone 6S Plus Front Camera Repair     €67




iPhone Not Ringing


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Loudspeaker Repair

The iPhone has two speakers, one is a small speaker, or earpiece, responsible for hearing people on calls. The other speaker, situated at the bottom of the phone, is the one you hear when you’re watching videos, listening to music, or have a call on loudspeaker. If your loudspeaker is not working, our technicians can have your broken iPhone as good as new, in a couple of hours, with a 6 month warranty.

iPhone 4/4S Screen Replacement          €27
iPhone 5 Screen Replacement                €37
iPhone 5S Screen Replacement             €42
iPhone 5C Screen Replacement             €42
iPhone 6 Screen Replacement                €51
iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement       €51
iPhone 6S Screen Replacement              €52
iPhone 6S Plus Screen Replacement     €52




iPhone Not Vibrating


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Vibration Repair

iPhone vibration not working? If your iPhone is damaged, and not vibrating when it should, the problem might be because of a faulty vibration unit. Thankfully, one of our engineers can have the part replaced and the iPhone repaired within a couple of hours, and you get full 6 month warranty.

iPhone 4/4S Vibration Repair          €21
iPhone 5 Vibration Repair                 €21
iPhone 5S Vibration Repair              €31
iPhone 5C Vibration Repair             €27
iPhone 6 Vibration Repair                €41
iPhone 6 Plus Vibration Repair       €41
iPhone 6S Vibration Repair t              €51
iPhone 6S Plus Vibration Repair      €51




Not Powering On, oR Charging


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Mainboard Repairs

iPhone mainboard, motherboard, or logic board. This board is the main PCB that all of the chips are attached to, and if your phone isn’t powering on, or charging (or many other problems), sometimes the issue is related to the board. Our technicians can do most repairs on mainboards, to get your broken iPhone back up and running in no time, with a full 6 month warranty.

iPhone 4/4S Mainboard Repair          €42
iPhone 5 Mainboard Repair                €42
iPhone 5S Mainboard Repair              €42
iPhone 5C Mainboard Repair             €42
iPhone 6 Mainboard Repair             €42
iPhone 6 Mainboard Repair             €42
iPhone 6S Mainboard Repair           €42
iPhone 6S Mainboard Repair           €42




iPhone Got Wet


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Water Damage

Dropped your iPhone into water?, or gotten it wet somehow, we will perform a water damage clean out, including using deionised propanol, and ultrasonic sound waves to remove water damage and oxidation and get your phone back up and running.

iPhone 4/4S Water Damage Repair         €62
iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair                €62
iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair              €62
iPhone 5C Water Damage Repair              €62
iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair                 €62
iPhone 6 Plus Water Damage Repair       €62
iPhone 6S Water Damage Repair             €62
iPhone 6S Plus Water Damage Repair    €62




iPhone Case Damage


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Back Housing Replacement, Repair

We can repair or replace all back housing or case damage. These repairs can take up to one hour to repair. Please contact one of our technicians for more information.

iPhone 4/4S Housing Replacement         €8
iPhone 5 Housing Replacement               €72
iPhone 5S Housing Replacement             €72
iPhone 5C Housing Replacement             €72
iPhone 6 Housing Replacement                €90
iPhone 6 Plus Housing Replacement        €91
iPhone 6S Housing Replacement               €99
iPhone 6S Plus Housing Replacement     €99




Broken Home Button / Finger Scanner


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Home Button Repair

iPhone home button not working? This is quite a common fault with all models of iPhone, and may not be always caused by a physical drop. On all models, this part can be replaced by one of our technicians in a couple of hours, including the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus models, all of which come with a 6 month warranty.

iPhone 4/4S Home Button Repair        €27
iPhone 5 Home Button Repair              €37
iPhone 5S Home Button Repair            €51
iPhone 5C Home Button Repair           €37
iPhone 6 Home Button Repair                €71
iPhone 6 Plus Home Button Repair        €71
iPhone 6S Home Button Repair               €79
iPhone 6S Plus Home Button Repair      €79




Broken Microphone


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Microphone Repair

Cant hear people when they call? If this is the case with your iPhone, the problem could be due to an issue with your microphone. One of our technicians can replace you iPhone microphone, and repair your iPhone in just a couple of hours, with a 6 month warranty.

iPhone 4/4S Microphone Repair         €37
iPhone 5 Microphone Repair                 €41
iPhone 5S Microphone Repair              €41
iPhone 5C Microphone Repair              €41
iPhone 6 Microphone Repair               €51
iPhone 6 Plus Microphone Repair       €51
iPhone 6S Microphone Repair             €61
iPhone 6S Plus Microphone Repair     €61




Broken Volume Button


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Volume Buttons Repair

Broken volume buttons? One of our engineers can replace you iPhone buttons, and repair your iPhone in just a couple of hours, with a 6 month warranty.

iPhone 4/4S Volume Button Repair        €41
iPhone 5 Volume Button Repair              €61
iPhone 5S Volume Button Repair            €61
iPhone 5C Volume Button Repair            €61
iPhone 6 Volume Button Repair               €71
iPhone 6 Plus Volume Button Repair       €71
iPhone 6S Volume Button Repair              €82
iPhone 6S Plus Volume Button Repair     €82




iPhone Battery Issues


iPhone Repairs


iPhone Battery Problems

If your iPhone battery isn’t lasting as long as it did, or should, then you may need a brand new battery. iPhone battery replacement takes one of our technicians about 1 hour to perform, removing the stress of having to be connected to a wall wherever you go.

iPhone 4/4S Battery Replacement          €21
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement                €31
iPhone 5S Battery Replacement             €41
iPhone 5C Battery Replacement             €41
iPhone 6 Battery Replacement               €51
iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement      €61
iPhone 6S Battery Replacement             €71
iPhone 6S Plus Battery Replacement     €81



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